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Our solution

The BR on Demand SaaS solution automates all controls required for insuring business resiliency and for implementing failover and recovery strategies for every line of business within a corporation. The BR On Demand solution is both a reporting application and a content management system: each user has permissions based on role, location and responsibility.

The product has been in use for over ten years and has stood the test of almost every conceivable business disruption: from floods in the IT room and wide-area electrical blackouts to Hurricane Katrina, Super Storm Sandy and the earthquake and tsunami at Fukushima.

Our solution not only makes available the tools for maintaining control over existing business processes but it also provides the means of planning for possible interruptions (scenarios).

We give the economic information for every line of business, its cost and profit profile.

A key part of any decision to fail over is the ability to create a real-time profit loss analysis for the interruption.

For example: a hurricane approaches the southeast United States: is it more cost-effective to shut down businesses in the endangered region and transfer these businesses to alternative locations? What is the transfer cost, what are the risks to employees, how much revenue would be lost if the businesses were simply shuttered and not replaced for ten days?

Our SaaS solution

Four closely-connected datasets form the backbone.

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