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Our solution: Lines of Businesses and supply chains

The BR on Demand solution will help you collect and analyze line of business data.

Some line of business may already exist in your company, but more often than not these data are incomplete or owned by several different stakeholders. Whether part of a professional service firm, a retail firm or a logistics enterprise every line of business consists of business owners and the underlying processes or dependencies that a line of business uses.

For example, a consulting firm may make a business in employee healthcare management. This business depends on input from consultants and analysts and their support staff. But it also depends on the IT department for communications and Internet access. It may depend on information supplied by a third party and may outsource work outside the country. In essence the line of business depends on several supply chains. For every dependency there should be a backup supplier or backup staff who can step in if part of the supply chain is broken.

“No single point of failure” is the guiding concept for all businesses, whether involved with manufacturing, professional services, healthcare or logistics. A key concept for all underlying processes is the “maximum tolerable period of interruption,” This may range from a few hours to a few weeks depending on the way a line of business functions.

To create a thorough line of business analysis our Business Resiliency offers a series of “wizards” or sequential questions that help analyze the structure of the business. The analysis covers both internal and external supply chains but also forces the analyst to examine potential weaknesses that may not be obvious: are external suppliers located in different geographical regions. Do they share the same suppliers? Have external suppliers filed certificates of insurance with your company? Are their contracts up to date and do they comply with all your business requirements?

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