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The Difference

Unlike solutions that have evolved out of IT groups where the focus centers on disaster recovery, the BR on Demand solution is the result of fifteen years of business interruption analysis where business continuity is the principle concern.

The BR on Demand SaaS business resiliency solution is like a living entity in your organization: email or SMS “ticklers” are sent out to owners when data are missing or are out of date. Data normalization errors are immediately flagged and reported to a manager. Scenario building allows the owner to determine if a response has been thoroughly thought through and if any suspect links in the internal or external supply chain exist.

Organizations commonly pay large amounts to consultants for business resiliency advice. They receive in return a long action list on a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet is passed around to different departments and managers are asked to complete all the questions and supply relevant information. But then, as often is the case in large organizations, the spreadsheet is filed away or forgotten. New managers arrive and know nothing about the spreadsheet - until the next consultant is asked for advice.

By contrast our SaaS business resiliency solution never lets anyone forget. It is, in a sense, a living consultant that never disappears from your business. If a key person leaves the company, the SaaS solution will send out repeated emails to a manager until his replacement is identified. If a statement of work or contract expires other ticklers will be sent out to the business owners, whether project managers or analysts. If two people with suspiciously similar names appear one day in the feed from the HR department another tickler will be sent to the manager in charge.

Our solution comes with native apps for iOS and Android phones. Alerts, data synchronization from the server to the cellphone extend the concept of a living business continuity presence. SMS, email and telephone messages can be sent from either the mobile phone app or from the web interface using a call tree.

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